Secondhand Wisdom – Ep #2 – What To Do When You Feel Lost

In this episode, I chat about the time I got lost (and panicked) in a grocery store when I was 10 yrs old, The reason I started recording this podcast series, and what to do when you feel lost in life.

We all feel lost at times. But the key is stop, stay still, breathe, and remember we’re not alone.

Why was getting lost in a grovery store so traumatic for me? Well you have to remember, I grew up in inner city Los Angeles. My entire life up to that point I was told never to stray and to stay close. Every night I went to sleep to the sound of gunshots and helicopters flying above. It seems like such a distant reality at this point. But it was very much our reality. So when you’re 10 and you’re told every day not to got too far because it dangerous, getting lost in a grocery store is very bad.

When we get lost our minds go to overdrive making up a story to justify and create a narrative that makes us take action. The issue is that often times the story our mind tells us is not true. Especially when you’re used to hearing that danger is everywhere. I imagine an animal that is being chased by a predator and escapes but continues to run even though nothing is chasing you anymore.

Being lost is not fun, Figuratively or literally but if you believe the story your mind is telling you, you’ll miss your moment. You’ll miss the voice that’s calling out to you. That whispers, “hey, you can do this. You’re not alone.”